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Above Knee Prostheses

with top quality components from Otto Bock and Ossur

An above knee prosthesis consists of five components:

  • Socket
  • ● Knee
  • ● Connection between socket and foot
  • ● Foot
  • ● Cosmetic cover


Our sockets are hand-casted total contact Ischial weight-bearing or Ischial containment. The socket is the most important part of the prosthesis.
We aim to provide maximum comfort while applying sound bio-mechanical principles.


There is a great selection of knees available.
The world is small and transport is fast. Any knee can be selected based on the requirements of the client.
We are independent of any supplier or company.




For the connection between the socket, knee and foot we use titanium modular components. They are light, strong and durable. They make fine-tuning of alignment possible at any stage. This increases walking comfort.


The foot choice depends on the activities of the client. Modern generation feet are energy storing which makes walking and running much easier. Also height adjustable feet are available for different heel heights. 

Some knees function better with specific feet.

Cosmetic cover

We spend extra time and effort achieving an excellent cosmetic finish.

(All photos are of our own patients)

Scope-Rehab Ltd. Cork Ireland



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