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Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO’s)

Top quality fit and maximum correction

The AFO is made in many designs, shapes and colours all depending on the requirements of the individual. However the most important aspect is correction and function.

A highly skilled and experienced Orthotist takes a cast and rectifies the cast and oversees the manufacturing of the Orthosis himself . We want comfort and function based on sound bio-mechanical principles. These AFO’s fit into a shoe.

In a growing child we try to achieve maximum correction of the foot and ankle so that the foot may grow in the correct position.


The design of the AFO varies from patient to patient. Some patients require a solid AFO for maximum stability and support.
Others require a dynamic AFO with an ankle joint.

Many people watch every step they take because on uneven ground they may strain their ankle. With a hinged AFO you can walk on a very uneven surface with a stabilized, but free motion ankle. Many children develop ankle deformities due to lax ligaments and poor alignment of their ankle joints. AFO's support, correct and prevent deformities developing.

The younger the child when the correction starts the better the result.

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